Environmental Initiatives

In recent years, corporate environmental activities have come to span a wide range of areas, including pollution prevention, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and waste materials, regulations on chemical substances, and regulations on products containing hazardous substances. In accordance with our Environmental Policy and Action Guidelines, we promote the reduction of the environmental impact of our production activities and develop and sell environmentally-conscious products that improve our customers’ environmental performance.

Environmental Policy

We will contribute to creating harmony between society and the environment through the course of our business activities.

Environmental Action Guidelines

  1. We consider the environment in all stages of the product life cycle, including research & development, design, procurement, production, sales, logistics and use and disposal.
  2. We strive to prevent pollution and to minimize environmental impact (Note 1). When environmental problems arise, we take appropriate steps to minimize the environmental impact and disclose accurate information.
  3. Our environmental management efforts involve compliance with all environmental laws, regulations and agreements, and we promote compliance activities.
  4. We disclose environmental information to stakeholders and encourage transparency with society to promote mutual understanding.
  5. We educate all employees in environmental conservation to create a company culture that improves the balance between the environment and our business activities.

Note 1: Includes increasing energy efficiency, control and reduction of greenhouse gases, conservation of water, reduction, controlled use, reuse, recycling and pollution control measures of chemical substances and hazardous waste. 

The Three Environmental Cornerstones of Our Environmental Activities

Key topics regarding our environmental activities are 1) compliance with laws and regulations, 2) reduction of environmental impact, 3) development of eco-friendly products, and 4) the maintenance of good relations with stakeholders.
We promote environmental management via a system called "Eco-Management Activities", with "eco-factory", "eco-product" and "eco-communication" initiatives as the three cornerstones of our environmental activities.

  1. Eco-Factory Initiatives [Initiatives to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Factories]
    Initiatives to reduce the environmental impact at manufacturing sites by limiting and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and controlling chemical substances used in manufacturing
  2. Eco-Product Initiatives [Initiatives to Develop Environmentally-Friendly Products]
    Initiatives to provide environmentally-conscious semiconductors throughout the product life cycle, such as the management of chemical substances contained in products and the development of products with low power consumption
  3. Eco-Communication Initiatives [Initiatives to Promote Environmental Education and Disclose Environmental Information]
    Initiatives to raise employee awareness with environmental education, and activities to publicly promote Renesas’ environmental efforts
Environmental Management System

Business Activities and its Environmental Impacts

Semiconductor products and solutions provided by Renesas contribute to global environmental conservation activities, such as the prevention of global warming and effective use of resources, through energy saving and downsizing of customers' products and systems. On the other hand, it is also true that manufacturing consumes energy such as electricity and fuel, as well as resources such as chemical substances and water, and emits waste, effluents and emissions, which have a major impact on the environment.

We strive to reduce our environmental footprint by having a detailed understanding of our input and output volumes from production to logistics, and systematically reducing these inputs and outputs. Furthermore, we will continue to provide customers with eco-friendly products that are efficiently manufactured with limited resources and energy.
For more details on environmentally-friendly products, please refer to Sustainable Products and Solutions.

Figure: Environmental load reduction for fiscal 2020


Activity Results and Plans

Categories Activities in 2020 Results of 2020 Internal Evaluation Activities in 2021
Eco-Management Activities
  Strengthen environmental management system (EMS) and maintain ISO 14001 certification 
  • Created and utilized a tool to view EMS information of different sites
  • Began operation of a newly established management process for environmental law compliance for the Group
  • ISO14001: updated 2015 certification
ISO 14001: Respond to changes to the 2015 certification auditing method and update certification
Eco-Factory Initiatives
Over 1% reduction in comparison to previous year (energy intensity against revenue)  Reduced 2.3% in comparison to previous year (energy intensity against revenue) Over 1% reduction in comparison to previous year (energy intensity against revenue) 
Maintained PFC (Note 2) emission to below emission levels of 2015 (per wafer area)  Reduced PFC emission by 0.014 points compared to emission levels of 2015 (per wafer area) Maintain PFC emission to below emission levels of 2015 (per wafer area)
Eco-Product Initiatives
Appropriately responded to various regulations in Japan and overseas  Appropriately responded to amendments of regulations 

Appropriately respond to various regulations in Japan and overseas as well as customer demands 

Increased Green Devices ratio of newly mass produced products 
  • 2018: 75.9%
  • 2019: 84.8%
Increase Green Devices ratio of newly mass produced products
Eco-Communication Initiatives 
Renewed contents and published Environmental Report  Renewed contents as the sustainability website and expand contents  Improve environmental information disclosure to stakeholders

Renewed training materials for rank-based training and environmental e-learning / conducted training

Updated the training materials to the 2020 version and conducted various employee training  Renew contents of employee training and e-learning and conduct various training 
Continued environmental and social contribution activities  Provided support to regions damaged by natural disasters and donated cash for planting trees  Continue environmental and social contribution activities

Note 2: Perfluoro Compounds (in the semiconductor industry, this includes CHF3, CF4, C2F6, C3F8, C4F8, SF6 and NF3)

Eco-Management: Environmental Management Activities

We promote environmental activities by establishing environmental management systems at each site, including affiliated companies.

Environmental Management System

The Environmental Policy and the Basic Rules of Environmental Management are defined in Renesas's Basic Management Rules. We have established an environmental management system across all offices and sites including partner companies to promote environmental activities. The Environmental Promotion Department oversees all of Renesas’ environmental activities. The Environmental Promotion Department reports and makes suggestions on results of various environmental activities, challenges and issues to the company’s top management. 

Figure: Positioning of the Environmental Promotion Department in the company organization
Figure: Organization Diagram for the Renesas Group Environmental Activities

[Manufacturing] REPG: Renesas Electronics (Penang) Sdn. Bhd., RSB: Renesas Semiconductor (Beijing) Co., Ltd., RSC: Renesas Semiconductor (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., RSK: Renesas Semiconductor (Kedah) Sdn. Bhd., RSKL: Renesas Semiconductor KL Sdn. Bhd., RSM: Renesas Semiconductor (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., RST: Renesas Semiconductor Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd.
[Design] RDB: Renesas Semiconductor Design (Beijing) Co., Ltd., RDM: Renesas Semiconductor Design (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. ​, RVC: Renesas Design Vietnam Co., Ltd. 
[Sales] REBR: Renesas Electronics Brasil-Servicos Ltda., RECA: Renesas Electronics Canada Limited, RECH: Renesas Electronics (China) Co., Ltd., REE: Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH, REHK: Renesas Electronics Hong Kong Limited, REIL:  Renesas Electronics Israel Ltd., REIN: Renesas Electronics India Pvt. Ltd., REKR: Renesas Electronics Korea Co., Ltd., REML: Renesas Electronics Malaysia Sdn.Bhd., RESG: Renesas Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd, RESH: Renesas Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., RETW: Renesas Electronics Taiwan Co., Ltd. ​ 
[Sales, Manufacturing] REA: Renesas Electronics America Inc. 

Compliance System for Environmental Laws and Internal Audits of the Environmental Management System

We conduct annual environmental audits at all of our sites to ensure continuous improvement of our environmental management system and performance. In 2020, environmental audits were conducted at 10 domestic sites, and 81 recommendations were made, including 18 requests for improvement. We implement reliable audits by using auditors qualified as environmental management system auditors certified under the Japanese Registration of Certified Auditors (JRCA). In addition, we have established a system to share information across all sites in response to the increasingly strict environmental laws and regulations, and we keep up to date with compliance systems and compliance status.

ISO14001 Certification at All Sites

All of our domestic and overseas manufacturing sites have ISO14001 certification, an international standard for environmental management systems. We will continue to maintain the ISO14001 certification status effectively and efficiently.

Domestic Sites

Company name Auditing body Registration number Expiration date Registration certificate
Renesas Electronics Corp.
Headquarters (Toyosu)/Chubu Office/Kansai Office/
Musashi Office/ Takasaki Factory/Naka Factory/
Yonezawa Factory/Oita Factory/ Nishiki Factory
JQA JQA-EM3490 2021/10 PDF
Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Naka Factory/Takasaki Factory/Shiga Factory/
Saijo Factory/ Yamaguchi Factory/Kawajiri Factory
Renesas Engineering Services Co., Ltd.
Musashi Headquarters/Takasaki Office


Company Name Auditing body Registration Number Expiration date Registration certificate
Renesas Electronics America Inc. (Palm Bay) DNV GL CERT-03115-2004-AE-HOU-ANAB 2022/8 PDF
Renesas Semiconductor KL Sdn.Bhd. SIRIM EMS 00113 2022/4 PDF
Renesas Semiconductor (Beijing) Co., Ltd. CCCI 02120E10488R6M
2023/5 PDF
Renesas Semiconductor (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. CCCI 02119E10390R6M
2022/6 PDF
Renesas Semiconductor (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
Renesas Semiconductor (Kedah) SDN. BHD.
Renesas Semiconductor Technology (M)
SIRIM EMS 00105 2024/8 PDF
Renesas Electronics (Penang) Sdn. Bhd. DQS 10004471UM15 2023/9 PDF

Supplementary Materials: Our Group Sites

Official Name  Location Function
Renesas Semiconductor (Beijing) China Manufacturing
Renesas Semiconductor (Suzhou) China Manufacturing
Renesas Semiconductor KL Malaysia Manufacturing
Renesas Semiconductor (Malaysia) Malaysia Manufacturing
Renesas Semiconductor (Kedah) Malaysia Manufacturing
Renesas Semiconductor Technology (M) Malaysia Manufacturing
Renesas Electronics (Penang) Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia Manufacturing
Renesas Semiconductor Design (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia Design
Renesas Electronics America Inc. USA Manufacturing, Sales
Renesas Electronics Brasil-Servicos Ltda. Brazil Sales
Renesas Electronics Canada Limited Canada Sales
Renesas Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. China Sales
Renesas Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. China Sales
Renesas Electronics Hong Kong Limited China Sales
Renesas Electronics Taiwan Co., Ltd. Taiwan Sales
Renesas Electronics Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Sales
Renesas Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd Singapore Sales
Renesas Electronics Malaysia Sdn.Bhd. Malaysia Sales
Renesas Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. India Sales
Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH Germany Sales, Design
Renesas Semiconductor Design (Beijing) Co., Lt China Design
Renesas Design Vietnam Co., Ltd. Vietnam Design

Compliance to Laws Related to the Environment 

We accurately comply with all relevant laws and regulations of each country and region we operate in, and set and maintain a voluntary management standard which is stricter than various laws. If these standards are violated or if we receive any complaints, we reinforce environmental risk management measures by sharing the cause, countermeasures and preventative measures within the entire Group.
In 2020, there was one reported violation of laws and regulations, but has since been corrected. We did not receive any complaints.

Violations of laws related to the environment, environmental accidents and number of
complaints received 
2018 2019 2020
Violations of laws and regulations  1 0 1
Complaints 0 0 0

Environmental Accounting

Due to the characteristics of the semiconductor industry having a large impact on the environment, we believe it’s important to clarify the validity of necessary costs in environmental conservation activities, make appropriate investments and evaluate the results of such investments. These steps are needed to mutually balance environmental conservation with our business. To further support this goal, we have introduced Environmental Accounting since the establishment of Renesas.

Results for Fiscal Year 2020 (January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020)

Item Contents Environmental protection costs Effect
(Millions of yen)
(Millions of yen)
(Millions of yen)
Environmental impact reduction
Pollution prevention (air, water, etc.) 165 1,749 29 Energy reduction
Global environmental protection Energy-saving measures, global warming prevention, etc. 326 1,178 1,484
Resource circulation Efficient use of resources through waste reduction, water conservation, recycling, etc. 1 514 859
Upstream/downstream Green procurement, product assessment, collection and recycling of packaging materials, etc. 0 8 -
Management activities Maintenance and operation of environmental management, education, etc. 0 529 -
Research and Development R&D to reduce the environmental impact of products and manufacturing processes 0 5 -
Social Activities Donations and support for local volunteer activities, environmental preservation organizations, etc. 0 7 -
Environmental damage Remediation of soil and groundwater contamination, compensation related to environmental conservation, etc. 0 3 -
Total 492 3,993 2,372  
Figure: Environmental Accounting Results
  • Investments: 
    In 2020, we invested 492 million yen, mainly in energy conservation measures. We installed equipment which allows efficient use of energy, and replaced equipment to those that do not use ozone depleting gases as refrigerants. Newly installed equipment includes updating dry pumps and optimized control through inverters. 
  • Expenses: 
    In 2020, we spent 3,993 million yen as expenses. The breakdown of this mainly consists of 479 million yen spent on air pollution prevention, 1,240 million yen spent on combined soil pollution and water pollution prevention. We also recorded 458 million yen as waste disposal expenses.
  • Economic Impacts: 
    The economic impact in 2020 was 2,372 million yen. The breakdown of this mainly consists of impacts from energy conservation measures, as well as the recording of 583 million yen in sales of waste through recycling. However, this figure does not include economic impacts based on hypothetical calculations. 

Participating Initiatives and Organizations

Our purpose in promoting our semiconductor solution business is “to Make Our Lives Easier.” As part of our efforts to advance our business, we are proactively participating in global initiatives and organizations to contribute to solving social issues across the globe.

Logo Name Activities
(Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association)
We participate in the Semiconductor Environmental Strategy Committee as well as working groups and task forces under the committee 
Nijyu-maru Project (Double 20 campaign) We participate in the Nijyu-maru Project to realize the Aichi Biodiversity Targets established to conserve biodiversity 
- Ministry of the Environment: Secretariat of Environmental Reporting Platform Development Pilot Project  Joined in 2015
- Effective Action on Global Warming Prevention by Japanese Electrical and Electronics Industries Joined the Nippon Keidanren’s Commitment to a Low Carbon Society promoted by the electric and electronic industry 

Editing Policies of “Environmental Initiatives” 

  1. Target areas
    We include the entire Renesas Group consisting of Renesas headquarters, sales offices, design and development sites and all manufacturing sites in and outside of Japan as the scope of this report. The corresponding sites consume and emit approximately over 90% of the energy use of the Group as a whole. When the entire Group is not included within the scope, we have listed the target companies separately.
  2. Target period
    We mainly report the initiatives undertaken in 2020 (from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020) as well as some background information on past initiatives and initiatives undertaken in the period leading up to the disclosure, and future outlooks and plans.  

Contributing to SDGs

Renesas’ efforts in Environmental Initiatives contributes to these Sustainable Development Goals targets:

Goal12 Responsible Production and Consumption

12.2 By 2030, achieve the sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources