Evaluate Boards Remotely Through an Intuitive GUI

Renesas’ Lab on the Cloud is an online environment where Renesas solutions, including popular evaluation boards, winning combinations and software, are hosted in a remote lab that customers access and test online.

The Lab on the Cloud provides quick access to Renesas solutions before customers receive a physical board or start a design. Boards are configured in a remote lab connected to the cloud and users access the boards through an intuitive GUI. Live video of each board allows users to test, monitor, and measure results instantly. The Lab on the Cloud environment utilizes a platform developed by Tenxer Technologies, and provides 24/7 access to, along with online support for, Renesas solutions.

Board Name Description Lab on the Cloud
High Efficiency IoT Battery System The high efficiency IoT battery system optimizes the battery power supply. The board allows quick evaluation of the low dropout linear regulator ISL9001A and the ultra-low IQ buck-boost regulator ISL9122A, whose output voltage can be adjusted by using the I2C interface bus. It is a cost-effective solution for low power, seamless PWM/PFM and buck/boost transition applications, where both stepping up and stepping down voltage capabilities are required. cloud_circle Lab
Industrial CAN Sensor Network This demo uses an RA2L1 CAN Sensor EVB RA4M1 monitor EVB to demonstrate quick evaluation of the CAN Bus using the built-in CAN Module. CAN transceivers are approached by an isolated RS-485 transceiver and an inverter. Different Renesas sensors modules can work on a CAN network. This demo uses the FS2012, HS3001, and ZMOD4401 for evaluation. cloud_circle Lab
Voice Recognition Solutions The demo system is a simple working solution that recognizes voice commands to initiate the corresponding operation. It uses a high performance Arm Cortex M4 core based RA6M1 MCU. It is highly efficient and supported by an open and flexible ecosystem – the Flexible Software Package built on FreeRTOS to reduce development time. The boards are trained with the voice models to recognise and results in voice response as well as voice match score. cloud_circle Lab
Capacitive Liquid Level Indicator This is a Capacitive Liquid Level Indicator demo system. It is an application example of the self-capacitance method used in Capacitive Touch Sensor Unit (CTSU) hardware. CTSU detects human touch by measuring the electrostatic capacitance generated between the touch electrode and the human body. Renesas suggests linear amount volume detection with conductive shield by 1 channel electrode as an additional material detection solution. cloud_circle Lab
Multi-Purpose Air Quality Sensor Solution This is a multi-sensor solution, demonstrating indoor air quality using ZMOD4410. The other variants of this solution are:
  • Outdoor air quality using ZMOD4510
  • Refrigerator air quality using ZMOD4450
To quick start customer development each one includes:
a. Renesas air quality sensor with outstanding MCU based eAI algorithms
b. Innovative Qi-standard wireless charging (alternatively charged via USB)
c. Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth® 5.0 to easily provide sensor results to a smartphone or tablet
d. Portable, Li-Ion battery power to ease application in multiple environments (e.g. no power cables)
cloud_circle Lab
Ultra-Low-Power RE01 Voice Recognition for IoT Edge Ultra-low power voice recognition solution with RE01 and ISL9123 will realize the battery maintenance free IoT edge. In this lab, the voice recognition is performed in only 1.2mA operation current with quick LCD display reaction. cloud_circle Lab
FemtoClock®2 Evaluation Board In this demo system, remotely connected timing devices perform the test and show the results on a single platform - the Lab on Cloud GUI without the need to download any tool in users’ system. The timing devices' evaluation boards are remotely connected through the server and are configured using the Lab on the Cloud GUI, which runs the RICBox tool in the backend to create the configuration files. In addition, the user has an option to import existing RICBox .rbs files. These configuration files are submitted to a TPD server, where the watcher script runs multiple functions to decode the device name, board ID, configurations etc. The settings are loaded on the board where the PNA (Phase Noise Analyser) takes all the measurements and sends the output file back to Lab on the Cloud GUI through the same server for the user to download the results. cloud_circle Lab

videocam Demo Video
Surveillance Camera with CMOS Sensor The surveillance camera module includes a CMOS image sensor (CIS) board with phase-detection autofocus (PDAF), and a high-performance image signal processing (ISP) board along with auto focus zoom lens software. This reference design enables 4K resolution, excellent color imaging and better recognition accuracy of objects, including small objects in low-light conditions. Its impressive high-speed autofocus operation can also be realized with low-priced lenses. Built around Renesas’ high performance RAA462113FYL CMOS image sensor and Novatek’s dual core SoC image signal processor, the surveillance camera reference design uses several other Renesas ICs that address its signal chain electrical functions. The CIS board includes the RAA462113FYL, DC/DC buck converters, LDOs, motor driver and lens. The ISP board features the SoC and associated signal chain components. cloud_circle Lab
IEEE 1588 Solution The Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is implemented in accordance with IEEE1588, “Standard for a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems” (see references for NIST website for further details and history). The master and slave configuration of the boards in this demo unit, is to show the secure and accurate synchronization of each of their clocks, so that they can work in harmony. cloud_circle Lab
Household Smoke Detector This solution uses a highly integrated RAA239101 low-power analog frontend IC and includes all necessary peripherals & features required for a photoelectric smoke detector system, mainly focused on residential smoke detector designs. It is implemented using two key components, the RL78/G12 and RAA239101. cloud_circle Lab
Simplified Contactless Thermometer The solution demonstrates the working of IR Thermometer using analog thermopile sensor functionality using RL78/I1B lower power MCU with the following specifications:
  • Operating voltage range: 1.8V to 5.5V
  • DC Measurement range: 30°C-45°C
  • Precision: ±0.1°C
  • Power consumption: while operating: ≤ 30mW\ while in sleep: ≤ 100μW
cloud_circle Lab
80V Dual Synchronous Buck Controller Evaluation Board The ISL81802EVAL1Z dual-phase evaluation board features the ISL81802, an 80V high voltage dual synchronous buck controller that offers external soft-start, independent enable functions, and integrates UV/OV/OC/OT protection. A programmable switching frequency ranging from 100kHz to 1MHz helps to optimize inductor size while the strong gate driver delivers up to 20A for the buck output. cloud_circle Lab
Super Capacitor Based Terminal Backup Power Supply Super capacitor based terminal backup power supply system has a wide input voltage range which can support from 4.5V-40V with 1A-20A output. It uses a super capacitor as a backup power supply.
a. ISL81401 can fully extract the power of the super capacitor (can be as low as 0.3V)
b. ISL88002 voltage supervisor to monitor the power status
c. RJK03M5DNS N-MOSFET to support for high-efficiency drive and low heat design
cloud_circle Lab
Flexible MCU-based 6-Channel Power Sequencer This is a Flexible 6-Channels power sequencer for a PLCs PoC Board. The design allows the board users to perform two main functionalities: a power-up sequence, and a power-down sequence using the GUI targeted for their specific application. The delays between regulators (enable and disable) are individually programmable via the GUI. The delays for the Power OFF Sequence are limited by the maximum time that the input capacitors can buffer and are heavily dependent on the load of each regulator. If longer delays are required for the Power OFF Sequence, an additional electrolytic capacitor is required. cloud_circle Lab
MPPT Based Solar Battery Charger Solar battery charger with operating range of 8V-40V, supporting 12V lead acid battery for output current up to 7 Amps. cloud_circle Lab
USB-PD with Turbo Boost The board supports USB-PD Spec R v3.0 and supports USB-Type C. R9A02G011 performs authentication to accept USB Type-C. It works with input voltage of 5-20V and output voltage of 35V/45W which is beyond USB-PD output voltage level. cloud_circle Lab
Buck- Boost Last Gasp Power Supply for Energy Meter Design uses ISL85403 in Buck Boost configuration to extract power from the super capacitor (as low as 0.1V). cloud_circle Lab
Standard 4-20mA Loop - Industrial Receiver This board uses the standard 4-20mA loop to transmit data over large distances in industrial environments. It is resistant to surrounding noise and, unlike voltage based interfaces, the current in the loop will remain constant. cloud_circle Lab
Arduino Shield Sensor Board This Sensor Board with Arduino Shield™ Interface is used on interface equipped microcontroller reference boards. Supported sensors are:
  • ISL29125 Digital RGB light and proximity sensor
  • ZMOD4410 TVOC sensor
  • HS3001 Temperature & relative humidity sensor
  • ISL29033 Ambient light sensor
  • ISL29501 Time-of-flight sensor
cloud_circle Lab
Scalable HMI SMARC SoM with AI Renesas' SMARC 2.0 SoM is a Linux-based AI development platform using the RZ/G2 family of microprocessors suitable for human machine interface (HMI), 3-D animation or 4K UHD playback. It offers a turn-key solution for applications like surveillance solutions, object detection, face detection, image processing, computing, gateway etc. cloud_circle Lab
Single Phase Energy Meter The single-phase energy meter design is based on RL78/I1C and it is used for single-phase power and energy measurement. cloud_circle Lab
Digital Illuminometer The solution incorporates an RA2A1 microcontroller, integrated light sensor (ISL29035), OLED display and a cap-touch keypad. It can be used to monitor the lux value of a variety of lighting conditions. cloud_circle Lab
Ultra-Low Power MCU RE Family The SOTB™ process Arm based MCU RE01 achieved a high score 705 ULPMark EEMBC Benchmark. The evaluation kit allows the user to select different operation/standby modes to realize ultra-low power consumption suitable for an IoT edge device. cloud_circle Lab

videocam Demo Video